Normally I wouldn’t be near or around Idaho Falls, ID, but along our way from Portland Oregon to Yellowstone we very much needed to stop somewhere. 
The resort is quickly located off of I-15 and Hwy 20. Simply go 1/2 mile away, and you will be at the Snake River that winds through city. We had supper along the Porter Canal at a cafe called The Sandpiper Restaurant. There they had a good collection of seafood for the taking and products for our kids to have as take home items. The woman at the front table of the Fairfield Inn suggested the restaurant and I’d say it was a great choice.We’d never gone to Idaho Falls before. Consequently when I sought out various hotels I tried to choose something that would be near to the actual waterfalls in the town. I am a Marriott prize member, therefore the Fairfield Inn made us feel good with regards to location and amenities. A good surprise was checking in to the hotel and learning that they had provided us an update from a room to a suite; without us actually having to ask for such treatment. Awesome.

Back to the resort. There are 3 floor levels with 64 hotel rooms, with 17 of them being suites. They possess an inside pool, complimentary on site car parking, and wireless access to the internet throughout the hotel. The pool was small, but certainly a lot more than sufficient for our 2 youngsters. I wish it turned outdoors because indoor pool areas get very humid, and that one definitely was. You can select from bedrooms with 2 queen beds, 1 king, or the bigger queen or king suites with a resting area and pull out sofa sleeper. Remote Staff

The bedrooms were clean and the resort had a new look to it. There are different options for hotels, nearer to the water, like the Best Western, Shilo Inn, and Resort on the Falls. We visited Yellowstone Bear Community the morning we left, and that was conveniently located only 20 minutes away,so we could go see the big bears. The breakfast was perfectly prepared each morning. We made quick work of the waffles, acquired some of the fresh fruit, and the took in some of the cereals and fresh juice. Breakfast was complimentary, and it was fantastic.

The thing that all travelers expect is a clean room, and that is exactly what was delivered at the Fairfield Inn in Idaho Falls. The leading desk clerk was friendly and as I mentioned previously they bumped us up to a suite which is definitely always a good gesture. The hotel was peaceful at night and we observed no sounds from our neighbors areas at all, which was great. The TV’s were simple to use, no needing to guess about how the top features of the handy remote control functioned. All was user friendly. Idaho Real Estate CE Courses

The microwave was utilized to reheat some food we’d brought with us. The toilet was large enough for 2 persons to brush their teeth simultaneously or get ready each morning. The towels were new smelling and thicker than at some hotel chains. General, I use Fairfield Inns because they’re conveniently locatedFeature Articles, and always give what a customer hopes to find. Simply wonderful.

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